Turn Your Kitchen into an Iron Chef Episode

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We all want to save money on food.  The most obvious solution to this problem is to not eat out all the time, but the thought of making our own food and staying home isn’t always the most appealing option.  So how, then, can we get the best of both worlds?  How can we save […]


The Secrets of Bargain Hunting, Part 2

If you haven’t read The Secrets of Bargain Hunting Part 1, do it before continuing on. In part 1 you learned to treat every buying opportunity as a pricing challenge, and the very basics of online search as your friend in comparison shopping.  In this post you will learn a skill that will become your […]

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Changing the Past: Re-Negotiating Your Utility Bills

Sometimes you can change the past.  I’m not talking about making things right with your ex so that somehow you can be together again; this is a financial blog, remember?  I’m talking about re-negotiating those long-term contracts that you currently have with companies.  In this post I’ll discuss the specifics behind savings hundreds of dollars […]

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