BudgeX Budgeting Made Simple!

About the Author

Alif Khalfan I'm Alif Khalfan, a recent college graduate from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. I was looking for a better way to track my finances as I entered the “real world," and was unsatisfied with other applications that either charged too much, were too difficult to use, or did not show the specifics of my spending. I therefore decided to create a different program that brought the best of all of these worlds together.

Soon after building BudgeX and using it personally, several friends began approaching me asking how they could obtain it. I had not originally thought about offering it to others, since most of the contents were specific to me, but I could not say no to my friends. I spent every night re-working my program to make it more customizable, more user-friendly, and more visually-appealing. What originally started out as a simple project to help me create a budget and track my finances became a full-fledged application with complex algorithms and interesting graphs. After many days of brainstorming, customizing, and testing, BudgeX was finally born.

Now I would like to share it with you. I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped me and those who use it today.