BudgeX Budgeting Made Simple!

About the Software

The BudgeX software product combines budgeting, planning, and money management all into one elegant spreadsheet built for Microsoft Excel. The software helps you create a personal or home budget in less than 15 minutes, and allows you to easily track your expenses with helpful charts. BudgeX provides you with both a big picture of your spending and details about each expense category. Budget spreadsheets have never been more helpful!

BudgeX will help you identify areas in your personal or home budget where you are over spending, so that you can re-route that extra money to pay down debt. Here are some of the features included with the software:

Product Features

The BudgeX Dashboard
The BudgeX software provides you with a visual dashboard for enhanced money management as a home page. Here you can see graphical snapshots of where your money is going, how much you are saving, and how well you are budgeting. With the BudgeX dashboard, all of your personal or home expenses and financial data are automatically aggregated for you, giving you unprecedented forecasting and insight into your budgeting habits.
budgex budegting spreadsheet dashboard
Detailed Summary Spreadsheet
The Detailed Summary spreadsheet allows you to compare your projected expenses to your actual expenses in each category. It complements the visual dashboard with an analytical approach for money management and forecasting. This spreadsheet combines the important information from all other category spreadsheets and breaks them into to bi-monthly columns. This way you can easily see how each paycheck you receive is managed.
budgex detailed summary spreadsheet
Category Expense Tracker Spreadsheets
Each expense category has its own tracker spreadsheet in BudgeX to input expenses, complete with collapsible tabs sorted by pay period and visual budget planner charts. The planner charts make it even easier for you to notice when you are getting close to your customized budget limits, and manage your money accordingly. These expense tracker spreadsheets are also customizable to fit your own personal categories!
budgex expense tracker spreadsheet
Intuitive Starting Page
Planning your home or personal budget is easier than ever, thanks to the BudgeX Starting Page spreadsheet. With this spreadsheet, you will be able to create a budget that works for you in 15 minutes or less! The simple three step process in the software guides you through the entire procedure for entering your planned expenses and forecasting your results. Spending fifteen minutes here can save you thousands by the end of the year!
budgex starting page spreadsheet

So what are you waiting for? Download BudgeX Spreadsheets today!

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